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Ice pops are all the rage!

The whole world has become a fan of these sweet delicacies and their magic seems to lie not only in their taste, but also in an experience that is lived like a game.

In Panama these delicacies are also a trend.

In a country where the heat accompanies you in light and shade, eating a delicious ice cream popsicle becomes as necessary as knowing how to differentiate your communication in the face of the large number of options to choose from.

Your world on a ice cream palette


Being able to differentiate yourself from the competition is one of the sacred postulates of marketing.

In a market as competitive as that of frozen popsicles, Artic set out to do so based on a marketing strategy that revealed it as the most fun and versatile proposal when decorating, with a wide variety of colorful and tasty toppings available for do it. This dynamic had to be presented as an experience open to the whole family, and transferred both to the visuals that the stores would wear, as well as to the communication pieces to be used on social networks for the launch and a prior instance of expectation.

"Tu mundo en una paleta"

Digital Strategy
Branded Content
Photo Shooting


For communication, a proposal was worked on where mother and son felt on their skin how this magical world took over their bodies. In this way, the aim was to enhance the sense of play that the brand came to propose in its experience, in the idea that everyone, in their own way and as they like, through an infinite combination of toppings, could invent their own palette on the palette. own story.

Contents & Goals

To visually represent the concept of the campaign, an artist specializing in body-painting was called upon to turn this fantasy world onto the body of a mother and her child.

The entire creative process was documented audiovisually, so that in addition to producing the photographs that illustrated the campaign, small videos were also obtained that were strategically shared with followers through social networks, generating a lot of traffic and expectation.

Information sheet

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