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Casa Sankey


The soccer party, especially during a World Cup, transcends in emotions everything that happens on the field. It is lived from home, accompanying each goal with rhythm, flavors and joys that remain forever engraved in the memory of the fans.

During the three months prior to the World Cup in Qatar, we proposed to all of Panama to discover the best way to equip their home, through a young couple who found in Sankey the perfect appliances for each of their plays. With fresh and delicious stories Stephany and Carlos opened the doors of “Casa Sankey”.

Nine stories to get moving


Present Sankey as an active and dynamic brand in its communication, with an extensive line of products for the home ideal to accompany every moment of the World Cup party, offering practical solutions to a young couple through fresh stories. with which everyone feels identified.

Close to the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, the situations dramatized in the stories had a progressive focus until this event, naturally feeding the experiences of Carlos and Stephany in the "Casa Sankey" with pleasant and funny situations of daily life resolved with Sankey products as the main protagonists.

In order to transmit the greatest confidence and closeness to the stories and their characters, we sought to create a natural, comfortable and well-lit environment, with the products arranged in a kitchen that connected to an open terrace through a breakfast area, ideal for filming very lively and spontaneous situations.

An open, non-technical soccer language was used to present the advantages and specifications of the products put into action by Carlos and Stephany.

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Concept & Contents

In order to generate closeness, depth and versatility in the stories to be told, location exploration became a whole concept that gave life to Casa Sankey.

Thus, a valuable agreement was negotiated for the brand, obtaining a private apartment in Panama City with ideal physical spaces to film each video, setting it up during the months of filming entirely with products from the Sankey line.

To reinforce this feeling of connection, a gesture that formed the word Sankey in a fist bump was added as a closing gesture to each story. This action, usually used as a greeting between friends, allowed the brand to create a seal of trust and closeness with its followers.


The stories, published regularly in a grid programmed with its communications team, allowed Sankey to establish a useful, dynamic and fun communication with followers in its networks to give a sustained continuity to a process of repositioning its image that was extended to mass media on public roads.

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