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Ethnic Fusion


Sometimes content creation challenges us to leave conventions behind and go looking for stories along the way in order to connect the profile of an initiative with cultural experiences that enrich them.

With the goal of discovering the fundamental cultural values of Ecuador that a local textile company wanted to reflect in its products, we set out to explore its geography in an adventure that brought us closer to its coasts, mountains and deepest jungle with an experience that was lived day by day through its social networks

Connecting with the natural beauties of Ecuador


Ethnic Fusion is an Ecuadorian textile venture that arose with the aim of rediscovering its cultural wealth, fusing ancestral techniques with innovative ideas and systems to create products where its most representative figures, symbols and raw materials are reflected.

Strategically, the work plan that we proposed to them was to document a cultural research trip through their country, visiting destinations and stories with inspiring values ​​and teachings that would help define their brand profile, connecting along the way with institutions and people who would open doors and add resources

Digital Strategy
Branded Content
Film Production


After defining a roadmap that covered the most representative places of Ecuador in its three geographical areas and establishing visits to tourism and cultural enterprises that would feed the experience with content, a small working group was formed to document the journey, adding a campaign figure and voice that would allow dialogue with each initiative.

We visited eco-tourism ventures in the Amazon jungle, humanitarian aid institutions on the coast of Manabí and various craft activities that during a month of work fed the social networks with daily publications of high impact.

Polychromatic Adventure

Audiovisual content

In addition to the daily publications, the most elaborated products resulted in video interviews with social and cultural activists that helped Ethnic Fusion to present itself as a brand committed to cultural and environmental issues and to establish partnerships for future actions.

Visiting paradisiacal destinations, we discovered, among other fantastic stories, handicraft techniques to elaborate the Mokawas, where the women of the community use their own hair as brushes to decorate clay pots.

Photo Shooting

To increase the commitment, finally the whole experience was used to make artistic photographic productions, where the aesthetics and beauty of our model merged with the charm of the destinations visited.

To see the figure of Arezzú enchanted by the natural beauty of an ecological reserve in the middle of the Amazon jungle is quite a spectacle.

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