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Inti Path


Peru is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America year after year, with emblematic places to visit that allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of its ancestral cultures.

To get to know them in depth, it is necessary to get off the traditional tourist circuit. That is what we were looking for when we arrived in Cusco to collaborate with Giuliano Salas, helping him to document part of the experiences he proposes with his program Inti Path. A journey into the depths of Andean cultures.

Discovering the Andean Peru


With the goal of getting to know more deeply the cultural legacy that the Incas have left as a society, and the teachings that the entire Andean cosmovision has to give us, we went to Cusco, Peru, to document the task that Giuliano Salas carries out as an Andean spiritual leader, with a touristic-spiritual program called Inti Path.

The work required us to photographically and audio-visually record our visits to some emblematic places such as Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and other less traditional destinations such as a textile enterprise that a group of women carry out on the shores of Lake Pongobamba.

Giuliano Salas - Inti Path
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Destinations & Contents

Exploring the paths of ancient Andean wisdom with Giuliano Salas and his Inti Path Inca Spiritual School, means to make the journey discovering the sacred value that each stone has to offer, understanding in a profound way some of the important spiritual codes of the Inca tradition.

This is how we reached Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lake Titikaka, registering with our cameras images that impact for their magnitude and beauty, allowing us to connect with the knowledge and deep joy of its people and most representative natural places.

Pongobamba Weavers

The experience with Inti Path led us to discover wonderful destinations outside the traditional tourist packages. This is how we reached the community of Pongobamba on the Piuray lagoon to document the work of a group of expert women weavers, who transfer to their weavings figures that represent the cosmovision of the Andean culture with infinite colors.

On the shores of the lagoon and fabulous snow-capped mountains, the journey concludes with some refreshing messages from Giuliano himself, with a tender invitation from the community to visit them that is impossible to resist.


The trip became an experience of personal transformation that we tried to transfer to each of the products we worked on, with messages and images that presented the Andean world from a more intimate and personal perspective. As tourist content, the videos and photographs made were used by the Inti Path team to make known the work they do through their social networks, with a spiritually different renovating tourist proposal.

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