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Organic Well


Advising small regional companies with content that contribute to promoting conscious consumption and caring for the environment is a task that mobilizes us as communicators, and fills us with even more pride when it is signed with an important award in Miami.

Organic Well was a communication challenge that brought us closer to Guatemala with content and messages that crossed borders, helping to promote a digital platform that links the work of local producers, importers and processors with consumers who value wellness in all its dimensions.

Connecting flavors


This consultancy had a multi-directional communication strategy, with a primary goal of promoting a change of consciousness towards the revaluation of typical and traditional products of the Guatemalan culture, inviting to rediscover historical aromas and flavors of a healthier organic regional cuisine.

The deep reach of this objective was contingent on raising awareness and articulating the actions of a series of actors committed to healthy organic food and sustainable rural development in the region, in order to organize synergies and public-private partnerships that promote this change of consciousness, with Organic Well and its digital platform as a practical tool that connects the work of small organic producers of the land with conscious consumers.

The first instance of the work carried out with our main company, emitiendo.net, was aimed at creating a line of communication with an integrating concept that brings together wills, including a brand restyling and its visual identity.

In order to obtain resources to develop new means to strengthen this strategy, approaches were made to institutions and cooperation organizations with whom to share a common path.

The publications on social networks sought to expand messages of conscious consumption with content developed according to a grid that included promotions and key dates, as well as relevant activities in the field with organic producers.

Digital Strategy
Branded Content
Social Media


The communication concept sought to represent in Organic Well a meeting point for ideas, messages, actions, traditions and, of course, flavors.

Taking a plate of food as a symbol of this meeting, we sought to integrate consumers, producers and organizations committed to the values promoted by the Slow Food movement, in a challenge that seeks a profound change of consciousness based on the enjoyment of good food, with fresh, seasonal, organic and local products.

This philosophy, which proposes as essential goals to strengthen cultural identity, the sustainability of the planet and a food production responsible with our health and the environment, helped to walk a path that had its rubric in the Green Awards, meaning for the brand a unique opportunity to bring wills and new alliances.

We got greener

Premios Verdes

Representing all of Central America from Guatemala, and as a result of its work as a model enterprise committed to the promotion of conscious consumption, Organic Well was awarded as the winner of the “Premios Latinoamérica Verde” in its category (Human Development / Community).

With content and publications we accompanied the process towards the event with an attractive and orderly presentation that helped consolidate the proposal and brand image, bringing closer collaboration opportunities that will undoubtedly grow in the future.

Find out more about this sustainability festival in the contents and publications produced in conjunction with the consultancy Emitiendo.

Premios Latinoamérica Verde


Our collaboration with a venture such as Organic Well, with whom we share a vision and focus on the dissemination of values, is a path still in process that we hope to develop together and is already opening opportunities for collaboration with international cooperation agencies, so necessary in the contribution of resources to maximize impacts.

It also represents a prime example of a type of content and strategies that we wish to expand and put into practice with other small regional entrepreneurs committed to the sustainable development of the planet.

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