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We believe that communication and content creation is a dynamic process, in which each idea leads to new ideas, stories and experiences that mobilize.

Here are some of our latest projects and stories that have served as inspiration for our work.


No limits


Casa Sankey

The World Cup was lived in Panama from “Casa Sankey”

MODELS | Carlos Calderón & Stephany Vázquez
LOCATION | Panamá City, Pa...

Migrant Route

Following in the footsteps of the migrant through the Darien Rainforest

CLIENT | OIM - Club Rotaract Panamá
LOCATION | Darién, ...

Seiko Marathon

The famous watch brand put us to run for Panama

CLIENT | Seiko
LOCATION | Panamá City

Few sporting and social events have ...

Uber Eats

Delivering flavors

CLIENT | Uber Eats
LOCATION | Latinoamérica

Developed with a natural style and elemental resources that...


The Ecuadorian capital in full color

PRODUCTION | Sergi Walker
LOCATION | Quito, Ecuador

Located on the Guayllabamba valle...

Discovering the Mokawas

A journey into the depths of Amazonian cultures

CLIENT | Ethnic Fusion
LOCATION | Puyo, Ecuador

Ecuador is a country with ...

The weaker sex?

Demolishing rusty mindset

MODEL | Cynthia Glorioso
LOCATION | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beyond the fact that we feel that la...

Pure fitness

From the gym to the city, looking for the perfect body

MODEL | Agustina Cabrera
LOCATION | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Life is...

Andean portraits

Peru invites us to visit with each smile

LOCATION | Andean Peru

With their faces tanned by the...

Pongobamba Weavers

Visit to a community of Peruvian textile artisans

CLIENT | Inti Path
LOCATION | Cuzco, Perú

Pongobamba is an indigenous co...

The sacred city of the Incas

A spiritual journey full of magic and beauty

CLIENT | Inti Path
LOCATION | Cuzco & Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is ...

Ecuador is a real adventure

This is how we fully experienced a journey that took us to the center of the world

CLIENT | Ethnic Fusion
LOCATION | El Puyo, E...

Natural beauty

The natural beauties of Ecuador are found in the middle of the jungle

MODEL | Arezzú
LOCATION | El Puyo, Ecuador

Full natu...

Pure energy

What better way to move around a country from end to end?

CLIENT | Indalo
LOCATION | Argentina

It takes a lot of energy to...


Your world on a Ice Cream Palette

MODELS | Cristy Almendral and her nephew
LOCATION | Panamá City, Panamá

Enjoying a pop...

Flavors for all to see

Typical Greek pastry conquering Panama

CLIENT | Athanasiou

The main point of Athanasiou's philosophy is ...

On Fire

Just a few inches from hell

CLIENT | Indalo
LOCATION | Argentina

Once upon a time my country, Argentina, had a thriving in...


Demolishing rusty mindsetPlaying to be a model in front of the Tunco beach in El Salvador

MODEL | Mariana
LOCATION | El Salvado...

A perfect Caribbean cocktail

Step by step, Gegam Kazarian prepares an authentic Panamanian drink

CLIENT | Perro Verde Digital Mag
LOCATION | Panama City


In pure Jam Session style

Danilo Pérez and his friends present the best of Panamanian jazz

CLIENT | Perro Verde Digital Mag
LOCATION | Panama City


Havana, a low-speed city

With the smell of rusty iron, a town that moves at a different pace

PRODUCTION | Sergi Walker
LOCATION | Havana, Cuba

I re...

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