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Portfolio Category: FILM

Migrants Anonymous

Darien Survivors

CLIENT | OIM - Club Rotaract Panamá
LOCATION | Darién, Panama

The migrant's route to the American dream...

Celebration Sankey

Stephanie and Carlos begin to discover and enjoy their new home!

CLIENT | Sankey

The excuse was the Wo...

Pongobamba Weavers

Visit to a community of Peruvian textile artisans

CLIENT | Inti Path
PARTNERSHIP | emitiendo.net
LOCATION | Cuzco, Perú


Designing the future

A real estate project designed to protect the environment.

CLIENT | Suarez Consolidados
LOCATION | El Salvador


A day in the life

A working day for a group of companies present throughout Argentina.

CLIENT | Grupo Indalo
LOCATION | Argentina

The en...

Passion Beer

Day by day how the best beer is made.

CLIENT | Cervecería Barú

We are convinced that the greatest va...

Danilo Pérez to the rhythm of the best jazz

Danilo Pérez to the rhythm of the best jazz

CLIENT | Perro Verde Digital Mag
LOCATION | Panamá City

Without corsets or...