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Portfolio Category: LANDSCAPES


The Ecuadorian capital in full color

PRODUCTION | Sergi Walker
LOCATION | Quito, Ecuador

Located on the Guayllabamba valle...

The sacred city of the Incas

A spiritual journey full of magic and beauty

CLIENT | Inti Path
LOCATION | Cuzco & Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is ...

Ecuador is a real adventure

This is how we fully experienced a journey that took us to the center of the world

CLIENT | Ethnic Fusion
LOCATION | El Puyo, E...

Natural beauty

The natural beauties of Ecuador are found in the middle of the jungle

MODEL | Arezzú
LOCATION | El Puyo, Ecuador

Full natu...

Havana, a low-speed city

With the smell of rusty iron, a town that moves at a different pace

PRODUCTION | Sergi Walker
LOCATION | Havana, Cuba

I re...