The Ecuadorian capital in full color

PRODUCTION | Sergi Walker
LOCATION | Quito, Ecuador

Located on the Guayllabamba valley, on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano, Quito is a city that offers a festival of colors like few others in the world.

Walking through its historic center, no matter which way you point your camera, its oscillating geography will always offer you a sinuous horizon that will saturate your frame with a patina of multicolored forms.

Rumor has it that it was here that Atahualpa hid his great treasure.

Reason enough for it to become one of the most coveted destinations for the Spanish conquest, and for obvious reasons, enclave of a swarm of churches, cathedrals, basilicas and any construction they can think of with crosses on their facades and lots of gold inside.

Under the watchful eye of the virgin of Panecillo, we had the opportunity to suffer in the flesh the effects of altitude on my ungraceful aerobic condition.

Nevertheless, we managed to repeatedly climb up and down its steep streets.

Motivation was always in front of our eyes.

We did not find Atahualpa’s treasure, but we did bring back with us a chest full of incredible colors.