Demolishing rusty mindset

MODEL | Cynthia Glorioso
LOCATION | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beyond the fact that we feel that language and its use is based on social and cultural behaviors that are at least questionable, and that pigeonholing or labeling any gender or group of people in a definition that does not necessarily contain them, is a reductionist practice so akin to retrograde institutions such as the RAE, we are of those who think that the real changes occur in action, in deeds and never at a desk.

That is why we laughed so hard when, speaking of the definition of “weaker sex”, the Royal Spanish Academy has amended the error that considered as such a “group of women”, recently including the mark “with derogatory or discriminatory intent”. Enlightened ladies and gentlemen. Your definition is derogatory and discriminatory.

On the contrary, we think that strength or weakness is an individual characteristic of each person. Never of a gender. And to prove it, we set ourselves the task of portraying the activities of women, who like us, laugh at so many literate gerontes, and help us to tear down unnecessary labels, in this case, with blows.

We began this work, which we hope will become a series, by photographing the training of an Argentinean female martial artist. We met Cynthia Glorioso (yes, that’s how glorious her last name is!) at the Palermo lakes, and to our surprise she arrived with an arm in a cast.

Far from paralyzing us, this gesture helped us to understand the spirit of this brave lady who had absolutely nothing to do with physical weakness. She had recently injured her hand while training for a competition, but that didn’t stop her from wildly throwing punches at our camera.

The intention will be to continue portraying these kinds of stories. Determined and daring women doing activities, taking on roles and facing challenges that until very recently society did not expect of them.

Our work this 2020, as producers of emotional content, will be aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and strengthening Triple Impact strategies.

For all this, we start the year with a bang.